Lailien is as talented of a musician as it gets!

I called Lailien (aka Brad Shubat) super-talented, and here’s why: Not only does he experiment with the best of them as a musician, but he also has a knack for dabbling in Rock, Pop and jazz when he makes music. In his latest project, “ENSOULAR,” Lailien shines by being a fearless singer, crossing genres and boundaries almost effortlessly. In a track off of the project titled “Elf Hat,” I feel you get the best representation of how special Mr. L is when he’s on and poppin!

On “Elf Hat,” listeners are treated to tumultuous drumming, fantastic guitar-play, and most importantly, daring singing. With the song revolving around dealing with the ups-and-downs that comes with living in a crazy world, Lailien takes us to school on how to be a free soul, never letting up in wildly untamed thoughts. 

You know what makes Lailien super cool? In his own words, he’s a sorcerer, body suit of Brahman, rational empiricist, fool, gender fluid ghost through darkness, historical-materialist, psychobomb and trickster just like me!