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Logic Drops “No Pressure Freestyle”

Can someone please give Logic a delorean so he can go back to the 90s?

Logic is on a mission to prove that he’s the best rapper in the world. While he will never convince me that he is, I do appreciate the effort he’s showing to become it. With that being said, in “No Pressure Freestyle,” Logic spits some pretty serious bars over J. Dilla’s legendary “The Pharcyde” beat, taking aim at his rap foes, the industry he’s involved in, and anyone that doesn’t think he’s a present day B. Rabbit. While I f**k with the tongue-twisting flows the 29-year old MC raps with on his verses to this song, I do think he forces s**t a bit throughout (Like usual).

Logic reveals that he’s having a baby boy at the end of this song — congratulations to him!



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