Ruben Simonsen Drops Something Epic For Us With “This Boy”

“This Boy” is an absolute gem that never lets up in cinematic vibes.

It doesn’t take long for listeners to understand how out-of-this-worldly Ruben Simonsen is after you hear a song by him. Not only is he a fearless singer, but as a writer, he knows exactly how to touch your soul with his mind-numbing lyrics. In “This Boy,” Ruben keeps listeners on the edge of their seats, gifting us with a passionate track that might give you goosebumps.

Everything about “This Boy” sounds epic: The futuristic instrumental, Ruben’s daring vocals, the words that get spewed out from start to finish… It’s almost like Ruben’s intent was to make a song that lasts years and years after he’s left this earth.

Make sure you check out “This Boy” at the top of the page! I’m afraid if you don’t, you might blow up!




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