Wiz Khalifa Gets Sensual In “Really & Truly”

I’m not sure I’ve heard Wiz Khalifa on a Caribbean joint like this before…

Wiz Khalifa is hanging on by a thread when it comes to relevancy (I’m just being honest). Since this is the case, what we’ve been hearing from him as of late is hard-hitting verses and so-called freestyles. In “Really & Truly,” the Pittsburgh rapper utilizes both lanes again, gifting us with a vibrant banger that features a revamped version of Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go” instrumental (Kudos to Harry Freud) and plenty of braggadocios lyrics by the Pittsburgh native. As a whole, is the song weak? Yea, but at the same time, I’m always down for hearing Wiz spit.

Wiz gotta come harder than this if he wants to have another major run…




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