Maybe Usher can take music seriously this time around…

Usher is one of the few artists that has a ceiling that is very high, and a floor that is very low. When we last heard him, that n***a was on the floor with the ants, as he gave us a very lackluster performance in “A.” Well, this time around, he looks to redeem himself with this vibrant new track called “LaLaLa.”

“LaLaLa” is sensual, energetic, and filled with dance-heavy vibes. Throughout the track, Usher plays this infatuated lover that needs his chick to keep him alive with her touch, ultimately coming across like a n***a that has a heart made of cheap carpet. Whatever the case may be, I love this song’s energy, Usher’s fearless singing on it, and how we don’t hear a peep from Black Coffee vocally.

Is this the year of the comeback? I think so!