I’m not going to lie, I worry for Halsey’s well-being…

I’m one of those individuals that thinks Halsey has one of the best voices in the pop genre. Fortunately for us, she uses her voice to spill out her raw emotions, as she tends to make music that people who are down can relate to. With “Graveyard,” I feel like the 24-year old singer hits yet another home run, even though it comes at the expense of her own happiness.

“Graveyard” is deep as hell, but not all the way somber. With the track boasting this vibrant instrumental (This is the semi-happy part), Halsey lets loose, discussing her bad decisions and dark/lonely thoughts:

They say I may be making a mistake
I would’ve followed all the way, no matter how far
I know when you go down all your darkest roads
I would’ve followed all the way to the graveyard

Kudos to Genius

As usual, you will enjoy the soulful/passionate vocal performance Halsey puts up on this song, but I think you will ABSOLUTELY love how the New Jersey native holds nothing back when it comes to showing her vulnerable side lyrically.

Halsey, if you need a hug, I give them out for free-99!