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Hakeem Prime – Signs (Review)


Lemme ask you a quick question: Can you name a Hakeem that wasn’t great? Since you can’t, I’ma go ahead and let you know about my guy Hakeem Prime and his new album titled “Signs.”



In this day-in-age, you have to be able to bridge the gap between gritty and melodic rapper; Hakeem does this masterfully! In “Signs,” you might stumble upon tracks like “Trill Sandwich” in which he delivers something for us that is gutter, but still as infectious as a Popeyes chicken sandwich; or a track like “Moves” in which Hakeem stiff-arms his naysayers utilizing this smooth singing approach. Personally, I enjoy the ease in how both of these songs are done.

For those that are interested in hearing some true/authentic R&B music, Hakeem Prime has you covered in “Signs,” too! On tracks like “Sign,” “My Other Half” and “Zodiac,” you get legit slow jams from ‘keem in which he really opens up the flood gates when it comes to harmonizing, deeply passionate lyrics and sensual vibes. On some real s**t, these songs should get your chick to take off her clothes faster than Klay Thompson releases a three point shot.

I’m not lying to you when I tell you that “Signs” is as dynamic a hip-hop effort you would hear today. It has something for every mood, vibe or feeling you’re in, so I have no doubt in my mind you will like it. So what are you waiting for? Abuse your ears with this joint!



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