Jacquees Quemixes “Playing Games” & “Get It Together”

Oh S**t, Jacquees done stole another artist’s song and made it his own…

There was once a time Jacquees was primarily known for killing remixes to R&B hits (This is shortly after he remixed Ella Mai’s “Trip”). Well, after releasing a hit album and a few major singles, that label faded away. Today, the Atlanta singer decided to go back to his old ways, dropping off a remix to Summer Walker’s “Playing Games” and 702’s “Get It Together” hits (Godd**n, how many times did I say hit in this post). As usual, ‘Quees plays his part very well on each song, showcasing his ability to make something that is already authentically R&B-sounding come across as even more R&Bish! (I appreciate this n***as love for music)

If Jacquees remixes your song, that s**t is a hit! (How can we get him to remix a Lumidee song?)



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