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Wiz Khalifa Drops “Presidents”

This song features “Rolling Papers” Wiz.

If you were to poll Wiz Khalifa fans on which version of the rapper they prefer to listen to, they will tell you “Kush & Orange Juice” Wiz. Well, in my opinion, a very slept on Wiz is “Rolling Papers” Wiz. This version of the 32-year old is free, melodic, hippie-like and inspirational. Luckily for us, in “Presidents,” we are treated to “Rolling Papers” Wiz. (F**k what you guys think, I’m excited!)

You know what I love about “Presidents?” It’s full of sunshine — something I needed on this gloomy ass Monday. Not only does the song feature this colorful ass instrumental/melody, but it also features words of wisdom when it comes to making money. (Who doesn’t need each and every one of these things in their lives?)

Wiz has been sleeping in his studio as of late.




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