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MoneyBagg Yo & Megan Thee Stallion Join Forces For “All Dat”

MoneyBagg Yo and Megan Thee Stallion are hood-cute together!

If you really think about it, MoneyBagg Yo and Megan Thee Stallion are perfect for one another! Not only are they carefree individuals, but they are also two artists that are poppin’ heavily in the South. With that being said, in “All Dat,” the couple decided to join forces for this in-your-face/heavy-hitting track that features tons of sex-talk, fighting words, and braggadocios sentiments.

Personally, I love the chemistry both Megan and Moneybagg show us on this track. It seems like they are in-tune with one another’s feelings about loyalty and luxurious-living. I also love Megan’s ability to break my laptop with her sexy ass twerking in the music video you see up top (Her booty damn-there made a few apps on my laptop close unexpectedly).




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