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Famous Dex & Wiz Khalifa Unite For “Proofread” (Review)

This might be Famous Dex’s best song!

I think Famous Dex has the potential to be a superstar rapper! Not only does he have tats on his face like the other superstar rappers in the game, but he also utilizes this reckless style of rapping that pip squeaks all over the globe seem to f**k with these days. With that being said, I believe Dex has a shot at blowing up in the next couple of months, and if my calculations are correct, “Proofread” will be one of the reasons.

“Proofread” is catchy as f**k! With the song being powered by this serene instrumental, Famous Dex gets melodic, singing merrily about having guns, f**king bad b*tches, and finding ways to win.

Wiz Khalifa has been killing features as of late, and based off of his contributions on “Proofread,” it seems like s**t hasn’t changed. Not only is the Pittsburgh rapper’s wittiness, cleverness and confidence grandiose on the song, but I love how he seamlessly switches from gritty rapper to melodic singer towards the end of his lone verse.

Famous Dex looks like the type of kid that will poison your daughter’s thoughts two weeks into meeting her.



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