Helmut Rhode Gets Passionate In “What I Think” (Review)

Let your emotions free, Helmut, let them free!

Helmut Rhode is one of those musicians that loves to spill his guts out when he makes music. In “What I Think,” these sentiments ring truer than ever, as on it, Helmut opens up about a woman named Hannah that he wants to be on the same page with.

First and foremost, I enjoy the dreary instrumental that powers “What I Think” a lot! To me, it gives off vibes that are both heartwarming and stirring. From there, I love how Helmut lets loose, singing fearlessly about winning Hannah back by being honest and open. All in all, I like how this song feels on my soul, how personal the lyrics are on it, and the infectious melody Helmut serves us with throughout.

Helmut, I promised I wasn’t going to cry today!




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