Who saw a remix to “Motivation” featuring 21 Savage coming? 

21 Savage has been a pretty mushy artist these last couple of months. Just a few weeks ago, the “Bank Account” creator hopped on a remix to Jhene’s feisty “Triggered” track, spilling his guts out about losing his chick to some supposed lameo on it. Today, a remix to Normani’s “Motivation” track featuring 21 has hit the net, and this time around, he talks about how much this chick he’s f**king with has changed him:

One look was all it took (21), she know what to do
I swear she read me like a book (Straight up)
Be my motivation. when I come home she gon’ cook (On God)
Took her from my ex, they like “Savage you a crook” (21)
I rap for a living so she know I’m off the hook (Facts)
Use to be a dog in the past, now I’m good (On God)

While 21 Savage doesn’t quite make “Motivation” better, he does add a level of grit/hoodness to it that is hard to ignore.

When you find a chick that changes you for the better, there is no reason to be ashamed! Hell, my chick has turned me into a Almond milk drinker (That s**t is way better than whole milk, my n***a)!