21 Savage Hops On A Remix To Alicia Keys & Miguel’s “Show Me Love” (Review)

21 Savage has been getting R&B bags as of late!

In the last month, 21 Savage has appeared on remixes to both “Motivation” by Normani,  and “Triggered” by Jhene. Do I think the Atlanta rapper is going through a mid-life crisis at the tender age of 26? No, I just think he’s embracing growth. With that being said, 21 decided to hop on the remix to yet another R&B song in “Show Me Love,” and as expected, he comes across as sprung on it.

I just love how open 21 Savage is being in his music as of late. Don’t get me wrong, in “Show Me Love (Remix),” he still raps with this gritty tone; however, lyrically, he talks about f**king with a chick that holds him down like an anchor in the song (Isn’t that adorable?).

While 21’s sound doesn’t quite match Show Me Love‘s sound musically, his honesty/openness in this remix to the song definitely makes it a must-listen!



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