Who decided to cut onions while I was listening to this song?

Wembi has had such a major 2019! One of the main singles he released this year galvanized a whole country (Puerto Rico), and the other challenged listeners to say “No” to things they didn’t agree with in their lives (Hell No!). Today, Wembi decided to drop a heartfelt single called “Heartbeat Of My Life,” and this time around, the talented musician is reminding us all to be thankful for that one special person that is entrenched in our lives!

I love the heroic vibes attached to “Heartbeat Of My Life,” In addition to Wembi’s roaring vocals and vulnerable lyrical content. From start to finish, I felt refreshed, reinvigorated, and recharged both mentally and physically listening to the song. 

Wembi is 3/3 on this site!