Wembi Gleams In “A Child Like My Own”

Wembi continues to make music that pierces at souls.

Wembi is a very good singer, but I think it’s his knack for displaying raw passion in his music that sticks out the most, to me. With that being said, “A Child Like My Own,” Wembi’s latest single, is one of his most passionate tracks to-date.

“A Child Like My Own” is powered by this piano-heavy instrumental that does everything in its power to evoke tears out of you. Over this instrumental, Wembi sings soulfully about finding a way to stop the mistreatment of children worldwide. While the lyrical content you hear on the song will make you feel emotional, I think it’s Wembi’s outstanding vocal performance and overall passion that will catch your attention the most.

I love how Wembi makes nothing but meaningful music.



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