After listening to this song, it’s clear that you should stay away from Rob Alexander’s bad side…

Rob Alexander is a kick-ass rock/pop artist that usually doesn’t hold back when he makes music. In Rob’s latest project, “Being Myself,” he blesses us with music that is unfiltered, electrifying, and even heartwarming. One of my favorite tracks off of “Being Myself” is the catchy/explosive “Fed Up.”

“Fed Up” is a lot of fun to listen to! For starters, the track features this vibrant instrumental that thrives by being both gentle and tumultuous (Yes, somehow the two worlds play nice). Over this instrumental, Rob gets edgy, as, throughout the track, he sings ferociously about being agitated with his soon to be ex-lover’s lies and unchangeable ways. When it’s all said and done, you will enjoy the pace, brash lyrics, fearless singing, and relatability attached to “Fed Up;” especially if you are dealing with a tired ass lover yourself.

You have to listen to Rob Alexander’s “Being Myself” album. It features a pretty interesting fusion between rock, pop and country music.