Future and Drake are clearly tighter than Young Thug’s pants.

It feels like we haven’t gotten are annual Drake and Future collab the last couple of years. Well, 2020 is a new year, and at the very start of it, we’ve gotten two collab tracks in one in Life Is Good!

Life Is Good is f**king fire! At the beginning of it, you get to hear Drake spit gassed up bars over this bass boomin’ instrumental that has tons of cinematic vibes attached to it. At 1:43, the song switches to some traditional trap s**t in which Future reminds the world that he’s this drug-loving/Draco-carrying n***a that can care less about annunciation. When you combine the two worlds I just mentioned together, what you end up with is an unofficial sequel to Sicko-Mode!

You have to watch the music video to this song (it’s at the top of the page)!