Ro$ewood Renegade


I love Ro$ewood Renegade’s confidence!

Ro$ewood Renegade, a rapper hailing out of Austin, Texas, might be a new name to us, but he is certainly not new to the music scene. Aside from the fact that musical talent runs in his blood (His father was a musician), Ro$ewood Renegade and his brother started their own rap duo in high school and became popular both in the school and in their neighborhood. Ro$ewood’s newly released single, “Knockin,” showcases the kind of new energy he’s bringing to the game.

“Knockin” is one of those songs that you can tell you’re going to enjoy just by listening to the first 30 seconds of it. It has the same type of addictive qualities that songs from artists like Gunna have but remains unique to Ro$ewood Renegade’s unique sound.

The predominant background noise you hear on “Knockin” is an electric beat, which adds a nice refreshing element to the song. The beat mixed with Ro$ewood Renegade’s raw rap voice makes it a really good song for parties or social events. All in all, from the adlibs to the beat to the lyrics, this song definitely does not disappoint!

Check out Ro$ewood Renegade’s “Knockin” single at the top of the page!