Justin Bieber & Quavo


Justin Bieber should be a life coach.

Justin Bieber’s Changes album releases next week. On it, you should expect music that straddles the line between pop and hip-hop. “Intentions,” the third single off of the project, straddles that line masterfully.

I’m not going to lie, “Intentions” is one of the most heartwarming songs I’ve heard this year! Not only does it feature an instrumental that is on some colorful trap s**t, but you also get lyrics from both Quavo and Justin Bieber in the song that aims to make those who are in need of a good compliment/pick-me-up feel better. Additionally, the melody Justin delivers on the song is fantastic, while Quavo did a great job of sounding trill, but also gentle on his contributions to the song.

The video to “Intentions” (Which you can watch at the top of the page) is so f**king dope!