Future, Drake, Lil Baby & DaBaby


Life is good, but this remix is average…

“Life Is Good” is probably the hottest song on the radio right now. Personally, I believe s**t shouldn’t be fixed if it isn’t broken; Future, DaBaby and Lil Baby all disagree with me.

If this remix to “Life Is Good” was actually the original version, I wouldn’t have a problem with it; since it is not, I think it’s pointless. On it, Future sings over the beat Drake raps over in the original version of the song, passionately letting the world know that he is a reckless rich n***a that has chicks that put up with his shaky behavior. As for the two Babys, they grungily brag and boast about their fancy cars, heartbreak ways, and plugs, turning Future’s gutter-ass part on the original version of the song even gutterer.

When you got Lori Harvey on your hip, you damn right life is good!