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Delacey Calls On G-Eazy For “Cruel Intentions”


Delacey & G-Eazy


Halsey, close your ears.

Delacey is a pop songwriter that I’m sure you never heard of. Today, she has decided to make a name for herself by releasing a brand new single called “Cruel Intentions.”

“Cruel Intentions” is a very interesting song. While it belongs to Delacey, she plays second fiddle to featured guest G-Eazy on it. Don’t get me wrong, her sensual style of singing and lustful lyrics are appealing, but I believe Eazy strong-arms this joint with lyrics that are brash and a demeanor that is cocky. Nonetheless, I like the chemistry the two acts show in the song a lot!

G-Eazy loves him some frisky-ass white girls.

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