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Lil Tecca Opens Up On “Out Of Love”

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Lil Tecca


“Out Of Love” is Lil Tecca’s best release since “Ransom.”

While there are tons of positives that come with being famous at a young age, there are a few negatives, too. In “Out Of Love,” Lil Tecca talks about both the good and the bad he has experienced as a semi-poppin rap star.

The topic behind “Out Of Love” is extremely dope, to me. While a lot of rappers like to talk about how many b*tches they are smashing and how much money they are making, it’s refreshing to hear Tecca talk about all of the struggles he has gone through since he’s become famous. I also love how fearlessly the New York rapper sings on the song, in addition to how he toys with tricky flows and doesn’t hold back a single sentiment lyrically.

Lil Tecca is only 17-years old, yet he’s talking about luxurious cars, scandalous women, and fake friends in his music (S**t, when I was 17, I was only talking about basketball and Pop-Tarts).


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