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ROSALÍA & Travis Scott Reunite On “TKN”

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ROSALÍA  & Travis Scott


Travis Scott’s Spanish is pretty good!

Last year, ROSALÍA appeared on Travis Scott’s “Highest In The Room (Remix).” Personally, I thought the song was bizarre, but hey, you guys liked it, so it’s all good. Anyway, today, Travis Scott decided to return the favor by hopping on ROSALÍA’s hot new single “TKN.”

“TKN” is a pretty dope song. On it, you get a pretty dramatic reggaeton beat, sassy contributions by ROSALÍA, and a verse by Travis Scott in which he sounds like a robot that knows how to switch between English and Spanish speaking seamlessly. If you are one of those people that are on the cusp of becoming a reggaeton fan, “TKN” might push you towards that goal.

Travis Scott sounds really good on some reggaeton s**t.

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