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Listen To “Mr Shane” By Shaney Poo



Shaney Poo

Shaney Poo gifts us with nothing but infectious vibes on “Mr Shane.”

Shaney Poo is such a talented musician. Throughout the years, he has done a great job of making both genreless and fearless music. On Mr Shane, Poo proves to the world that he’s the real-deal by gifting us with a body-of-work that is beyond exciting to listen to.

Mr Shane is full of pop, hip-hop, Caribbean, and Afropop vibes. From the moment you press play on the album, you will hear music that is exhilarating, high-octane, motivational, intriguing, and romantic. You will also hear hooks that are catchy, rap verses that are impactful, and beats that are too thrilling to ignore.

Listen to Mr Shane below!




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