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Mr. Swipey & French Montana Unite For “Freca”

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Mr. Swipey & French Montana


Mr. Swipey gets his chance to shine on “Freca.”

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know who the hell Mr. Swipey was until I saw him dancing his ass off on French Montana’s “That’s A Fact” music video. It wasn’t until I heard “That’s A Fact (Remix)” that I knew he rapped. Well, on “Freca,” the New York native finally gets his chance to fully shine.

“Freca” is on some Brooklyn drill s**t. What makes the song unique is that Swipey switches between Spanish-speaking and English-speaking on it. What doesn’t make the song unique is French Montana’s pointless-ass verse (I do like how he sounds on some Brooklyn drill s**t, though).

Let us know how you feel about “Freca” below!

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