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Usher & Tyga Unite For “California” Off Of “Songland”


Usher & Tyga


Songland is one of the best shows on TV right now.

If you don’t watch Songland, you are missing out. The show does a fantastic job of showing the world what it looks like for a songwriter to pitch something they wrote to big-time musicians. Today, a song from last night’s show has hit the net, and it features Usher and Tyga!

“California” is smoother than my left butt cheek. The song features a beat that has a nice little tempo attached to it but also serene vibes. Over it, Usher hits us with lyrics that are aimed to make your mind detox, while Tyga hits us with a verse that aims to make a pimp’s mind detox. While the former sounds like his old self on the song (That’s surprising because he didn’t write his part), the latter sounds like someone that got rapping lessons from Twista this summer.

Usher is doing everything he can to revive his career; I’m cool with that!


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