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Listen To “Bigger Love” By John Legend

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John Legend

The sexiest man alive piles on to his legendary music resume by releasing the very solid “Bigger Love.”

I wanted to do a deep dive on Bigger Love (A top 5, a song by song breakdown, and an overall rating) but decided to enjoy the album instead. What I will tell you is this: it is fantastic! As expected, you will love the silky smooth and passionate vocal performances that John Legend gifts us with throughout the album. You will also love how the Ohio legend blends old school and new school R&B vibes on a bunch of songs, how he prioritizes real love over fake love lyrically, and how he does everything in his power to get our spirits up with music that is lively, energetic, and wholesome. If you want a break from trap rap, give Bigger Love a shot and a half!

Listen to Bigger Love below.


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