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August Alsina Keeps It Both Playa And Trill On “Rounds”


August Alsina


August Alsina pays homage to both Houston and New Orleans on “Rounds.”

Just yesterday, August Alsina released “NOLA” — a gritty anthem dedicated to his hometown of New Orleans. Today, he decided to release “Rounds” — a song that has him paying homage to both New Orleans and Houston.

“Rounds” features an instrumental that is as luscious as it gets. Over it, August switches between rapper & singer, playa & trill n***a, and braggadocios and humble. On the real, if you like the New Orleans-based artist’s old s**t, you will like “Rounds” a lot!

I’m looking forward to listening to August Alsina’s forthcoming album, The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy.

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