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Deadlight Holiday Put Their Spin On The Cure’s “Lullaby” Hit

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Deadlight Holiday


Deadlight Holiday is a rock band that will give you nostalgic feels.

Deadlight Holiday is a band from Grand Rapids, Michigan that makes rock music that is beyond exhilarating. On their latest single, “Lullaby,” they turn a classic hit by The Cure into something that is pretty powerful.

“Lullaby” is the most intense song I’ve ever heard in my life. It features powerful guitar riffs, a riveting vocal performance, and spine-tingling lyrics (The song is about being on Spiderman’s food menu). While the original version of the song has a slower tempo and softer vibes, Deadlight Holiday’s version is a lot more action-packed.

Listen to “Lullaby” at the top of the page!



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