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Louise Marshall Sings Passionately On “Collagen”


Louise Marshall


You have to appreciate singers that hold nothing back in their music.

Louise Marshall is an amazing singer, songwriter, and human being. Whenever you listen to a song by her, know that you will feel something deeply in both your heart and soul. With that being said, on “Collagen,” Louise’s latest single, not only does she gift us with a vocal performance that is stunning, but she also pours her heart out like it was a gallon of milk.

The instrumental attached to “Collagen” boasts vibes that are beyond sobering. As for Louise Marshall, on the song, she sings both gently and roaringly about all of the different thoughts that go on in the head of an individual with a weighted mind. Though “Collagen” is a lot more tamed than the songs that you are used to hearing, there’s something about its ability to hypnotize you for 3:33 that is worthwhile.

Listen to “Collagen” by Louise Marshall at the top of the page!



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