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M.Y.A Writer Opens Up On Both “WORLDISAMESS (Demon)” And “WORLDISAMESS (Angel)”

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M.Y.A Writer

M.Y.A Writer put all he had into these two tracks!

Do you know what I love about music? It’s an art. What art allows people to do is express themselves. With that being said, on “WORLDISAMESS (Angel)” and WORLDISAMESS (Demon),” M.Y.A Writer finds numerous ways to express how he feels about being damaged, broken-hearted, frustrated, confused, lost, and troubled.

Do you know what makes “WORLDISAMESS (Angel)” and WORLDISAMESS (Demon)” such great songs? On it, M.Y.A Writer raps dramatically, ruggedly, and poetically. He also sings both serenely and roaringly. All in all, you have to admire how M.Y.A. lets his emotions manifest itself naturally and rawly.

Man, my mind was blown listening to both “WORLDISAMESS (Angel)” and WORLDISAMESS (Demon)!”




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