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Rayne Muzik Blesses Us With 80s Vibes On “Sudden Touch”

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Rayne Muzik


You’re going to love the vibes attached to “Sudden Touch.”

Coming from the department of fearless musicians comes Rayne Muzik: A talented singer that has a knack for making music that is thought-provoking, soulful, and powerful. “Sudden Touch,” his latest single, is an old school pop jam that is impossible to hate.

“Sudden Touch” is one of those songs that does everything in its power to hypnotize you. Not only does it feature an instrumental that is potent, but it also features a vocal performance by Rayne Muzik that is both mesmerizing and soul-clinching. As for lyrically, Rayne does a fantastic job of coming across like someone that is enamored by the idea of a spicy rendevous between himself and someone that he’s in a complicated situation with.

Listen to “Sudden Touch” at the top of the page.




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