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YG & Day Sulan Release “Equinox”

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YG & Day Sulan


Don’t let Miley Cyrus get her hands on this “Equinox” song…

As of late, YG has been showing the world that he is one of the most versatile rappers in the game. On his latest single, “Equinox,” he blesses us with something that will make twerkers go wild!

Throughout “Equinox,” Day Sulan hits us with raw-ass raps about receiving hickeys and riding the faces of dudes. As for YG, he lets the world know that he loves asses of all kinds and spoiling women. Though we get two different sexes on the song, the goal is the same for both of them: To outdo what you heard on “WAP!”

Why isn’t Fat Man Scoop’s name attached to this song? He practically makes it!

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