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Sam Mudd Lets Loose On “All Of Your Friends”

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Sam Mudd

OVERALL RATING  (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“All Of Your Friends” is intoxicating, catchy, and electrifying.

To call Sam Mudd a “fearless singer” would be a major understatement. In my opinion, his music has no boundaries. Sam’s latest single, “All Of Your Friends,” is a rock hit that never lets up in exhilarating vibes.

“All Of Your Friends” is the type of song that will hype you the hell up. It features an instrumental that is full of hard-hitting drums, tons of bass, and thrilling guitar riffs. The song also features a roaring vocal performance and rebellious lyrics. While listening to “All Of Your Friends,” you’re going to want to party, smash an imaginary guitar, take a couple of shots, and hook up with somebody that you probably shouldn’t hook up with.

Listen to the very explosive “All Of Your Friends” at the top of the page!




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