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Gold Ro$e – T.R.I.P. Tape (Album Review)

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Gold Ro$e puts up a fantastic performance on “T.R.I.P. Tape.”





“New Hustle” opens up T.R.I.P. Tape fantastically!

If you aren’t familiar with Gold Ro$e, he gives you a great introduction to he is on “New Hustle.” Throughout the track, he lets the world know that he’s been putting in work these last couple of years, that he’s been stealing his rivals’ ladies, and that he is living life in the fast lane.

I love how Gold Ro$e hurls his bars out with great poise and confidence in “New Hustle.” I also like how he talks about the ups-and-downs that come with being a rap star in the song.




Gold Ro$e gifts us with nothing but knowledge in “Different Meaning.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard “Different Meaning” in a rap cowboy movie. The song is powered by an instrumental that blends both hip-hop and western vibes. As for Gold Ro$e, he schools us on the importance of being an unflappable figure, on how to move in the streets, and how to stay focused on your goals.

I love how ferocious and focused Gold Ro$e sounds on “Different Meaning.”




Who isn’t a sucker for a smooth rap joint?

Gold Ro$e puts up both his best rap and vocal performance on “Ro$e Solo. Not only does he bless us with extremely infectious melodies, but he also hits us with all kinds of rap flows. As for lyrically, Gold does a fantastic job of coming across like the suavest, coolest, hungriest, and most motivated individual on this planet.

I’m bumping “Ro$e Solo” anytime I roll-up.


1.NEW HUSTLE (4/5)


3. CHEF (4/5)

4. RO$E SOLO (4/5)

5. DEAR SOLARA (4/5)




Every good thing that you can say about a rapper, you can say about Gold Ro$e: He sounds hungry, he’s clever, he’s a real one, he talks about meaningful s**t in his music, he knows how to pick good beats to rap over, and you can tell that he wants to be great. Though T.R.I.P. Tape is a very short body-of-work, on it, Rose accomplishes so much.

It’s simple: if you are a true rap fan, you need to listen to T.R.I.P. Tape. You’re going to love the wide variety of beats, the unique rap flows, and the powerful lyrics that you hear on the project.

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