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Lil Durk Releases “The Voice”

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Lil Durk


I’m not sure why people thought that “The Voice” would be an album…

2020 has been a bad year for most of us; not for Lil Durk, though. In the last nine months, he has released a solid album in Just Cause Ya’ll Waited 2, a solid deluxe version of Just Cause Ya’ll Waited 2, and a hit in “Laugh Now Cry Later” with Drake. Today, the Chicago rapper decided to release a passionate new banger called “The Voice.”

I like it when Lil Durk gets deep in his music. Throughout “The Voice,” not only does he sing his heart out, but he also keeps it real about his street obligations, his personal demons, and his money problems. If you don’t at least feel his vocal performance on the song, his powerful words should at least resonate with you.

I’m happy that Durk is winning these days.

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