Zachary Toigos Glides On “Miloš”


Zachary Toigos

Zachary Toigos puts up a magical performance on “Miloš.”

Zachary Toigos is a very talented musician. He’s a songwriter, a singer, and someone who plays most of the instruments that you hear in his music. On “Miloš,” Zachary’s latest single, he shines by stepping outside of the box and letting his heart bleed.

I am high off “Miloš.” The song features a cloudy/hazy/lively instrumental and a vocal performance by Zachary Toigos that is beyond hypnotizing. The song also features lyrics that will make you prioritize and appreciate true love. All in all, I recommend that you enjoy all of the therapeutic vibes that “Miloš” gives off.

Listen to “Miloš” by Zachary Toigos at the top of the page!



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