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T.I. & Young Thug Reunite For “Ring”

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T.I. & Young Thug

OVERALL RATING  (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

When Young Thug and T.I. link up, they are undefeated.

I love it when T.I. and Young Thug collaborate with one another! Today, the two rappers decided to release “Ring,” a booming banger that just knocked my box of Honey Combs off the top of my fridge.

On “Ring,” T.I. and Young Thug go back and forth with one another on some playa, gangsta, and violent s**t. While the former sounds like a rogue businessman, the latter sounds like a trill-ass Tiny Toons character.

If they ever decided to reboot Pinky & The Brain, T.I. and Young Thug need to voice the two characters.

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