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Listen To “In The Hills Of California” By Clay Rodgers


Clay Rodgers

Clay Rodgers blesses us with nothing but jaw-dropping music on “In The Hills Of California.”

Sometimes the songs that tell the best stories are the ones that rely heavily on instrumentation. With that being said, on Clay Rodgers’ In The Hills Of California, not only do you get music that is full of action-packed instrumentals, but you also get gifted with a very intriguing story (The album tells the story of a character roaming the San Ynez mountains, looking for individuals who are there to submit to additions, end their lives, or otherwise lose themselves).

“In The Hills Of California” is groovy, timeless-sounding, jazzy, soothing, creative, colorful, explosive, and hella unique. Though you don’t get a bunch of words on the album, every song is jampacked with colorful melodies, great energy, and tons of pizazz!

Listen to the very explosive In The Hills Of California below!




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