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Action Bronson Calls On Hologram & Meyhem Lauren For “Mongolia”


Action Bronson, Hologram & Meyhem Lauren


Action Bronson picks the most interesting beats to rap over.

Action Bronson is back and better than ever! Today, he decided to release “Mongolia” with his homies Hologram and Meyhem Lauren.

“Mongolia” features some of the most vivid, gritty, and tumultuous raps that I’ve ever heard in my life. The song also features a dope-ass beat that boasts Mediterranean vibes and plucky guitar riffs.

Even though Action Bronson is clearly the star of “Mongolia,” do not sleep on the verses that Hologram and Meyham Lauren put up (I love how grungy and witty they both sound).

Speaking of Mongolia, is Genghis Grill still open?

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