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Rapsody Returns With “12 Problems”



OVERALL RATING  (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Rapsody will make you believe that GOD is a woman.

There aren’t many rappers in the game that are better than Rapsody. Not only is she a magician on the mic, but she also talks about meaningful s**t in her music. With that being said, on “12 Problems,” Rapsody lets loose!

While Rapsody lets us know how dope she is on the first verse of this song, she also raps about the f**ked up justice system that we have in America. Below are some of the lyrics she gifts us with:

His killer in jail, y’all don’t get that part
Cops kill lawfully, no remorse
I don’t wanna hear arguments no more about black on black
When white on white
They kill they own too
And cops the only ones who ain’t accountable
Black men in jail for a ounce or two

You have to love how aggressively Rapsody spits her bars on “12 Problems.” I wouldn’t be surprised if she made the song after watching an episode of For Life.

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