Anitta, Cardi B & Myke Towers


How do you say “I want to shoot my shot” in Spanish? (I’m asking for a friend)

Man, I miss Costa Rica so f**king much! When I was there a year ago, I listened to so much Latin/Reggaeton music. Anywho, today, a hot new Latin banger featuring Anitta, Cardi B & Mike Towers called “Me Gusta” has hit the net (Welp, it’s time for me to dust my ass-shaking shoes off).

“Me Gusta” is an infectious, colorful, and highly entertaining song. While Anitta and Mike Towers bless us with intoxicating vocal performances on it, Cardi B blesses us with a very dynamic rap verse (She switches between a hard-hitting rapper and a fearless singer. She also speaks both Spanish and English).

I would love to hear this “Me Gusta” song at Alero!