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Tory Lanez – Daystar (Album Review)

Tory Lanez tells his side of the story on “Daystar.”






Tory Lanez talks about black empowerment in “Care For You” (I can already see a bunch of y’all rolling your eyes).

I hated Bill Cosby growing up because I felt like he thought that he was holier than black people. For that reason alone, I never listened to him when he tried to lecture our community about pulling our pants up or being good fathers. Tory Lanez is yet another celebrity that thinks that he is holier than a bunch of folks (He says it in his music), but on “Care For You,” he sounds like a dude that knows that he has flaws when it comes to treating black women with the utmost respect.

On “Care For You,” Tory Lanez definitely lets loose. He spits his bars feverishly and almost sounds like he doesn’t care about taking breaths.




In “Sorry But I Had To…,” Tory Lanez literally calls out everyone he can think of that dissed him.

Tory Lanez puts Jojo, J.R. Smith, Megan Thee Stallion, Bun B, Chance The Rapper, Masika, Black Twitter, and more on blast on “Sorry But I Had To…” Even though the song boasts a beat that is beyond soulful, Tory plays the ultimate villain over it.

Wait until Tory Lanez finds out what my cousin Bookie said about him…




Tory Lanez refuses to be butthurt about the friends that he has lost on “Bittersweet.”

In “Bittersweet,” Tory Lanez calls out Kehlani and Jojo for taking him off their respective albums. He also lets Kehlani know that he was hurt by the comments that she made to the media about him. While Tory spits hard as hell on the song, he does sprinkle in some smooth melodies here and there (Q, who cares about the melodies that he gifts us with on the song?).

If I were in Kehlani and Jojo’s shoes, I would’ve taken Tory’s name off my album and told people that the song that features him really features YK Osiris.




Tory Lanez talks about the relationship he had with Megan Thee Stallion on “Friends Become Strangers.”

In any other year, you will call “Friends Become Strangers” yet another banger that will turn clubs up. In 2020, the song serves as yet another tool that Tory Lanez can use in court.

I f**k with “Friends Become Strangers” a lot! Much like the other songs on the album, it has two sides: a smooth side and a gritty side. On the smooth side, Tory Lanez blesses us with infectious melodies and sings his ass off about some semi-generic s**t. On the gritty side, he unapologetically talks about the relationship that he had with Megan and where it went both right and wrong.

Technically, isn’t Tory Lanez snitching on Megan on this song? (He over here talking about what they talked about on the phone and s**t)




Tory Lanez addresses all of the rumors that we heard about him these last couple of weeks on “Money Over Fallouts.”

If you thought that it was impossible to bounceback from a major deficit, the Denver Nuggets and Tory Lanez can let you know that it is not. I don’t think that Tory completely digs himself out of a grave by releasing “Money Over Fallouts,” but I will say that he does do some serious damage control.

I’m not here to convince you that I believe Tory Lanez shot Megan Thee Stallion; what I’m here to tell you is that “Money Over Fallouts” is one of Tory’s best songs to-date. On it, he raps dynamically and gets s**t off his chest effectively. I have no doubt in my mind people will at least feel the song.



2. A WOMAN (5/5)


4. SORRY BUT I HAD TO… (5/5)


6. THE MOST HIGH (5/5)



9. WHAT’S KULTURE  ?? (4/5)




13. JUST GOT IT DONE (4/5)

14. JOKES ON ME (4/5)

15. CARE FOR YOU (5/5)

16. IN THE AIR (4/5)

17. LIFE (4/5)




What better way to win fans back by dropping good music, right? What I heard on Daystar is top-notch hip-hop music. Unfortunately, I felt like a scumbag listening to the album…

I don’t think that I’ve ever had to play an investigator while listening to a hip-hop album before. Throughout Daystar, I enjoyed the music, but at the same time, I found myself trying to decipher every single lyric that Tory Lanez aimed at his brand new foes. With that being said, I think Lanez played chess really well with his situation on the album. Knowing that he is at his best when he plays a villain, he plays villain with a cherry on top on the album. Not only does Tory ruthlessly call out everyone that had something bad to say about him through powerful lyrics, gaudy punchlines, and steady flows, but he also addresses his situation with Megan Thee Stallion very openly.

There isn’t anything that Tory Lanez can’t do musically. Unfortunately, there isn’t much he can do to completely fix his image either. While he may never gain respect from a bunch of his peers, I think it is impossible to ignore how unbelievable he is as a musician.

12 thoughts on “Tory Lanez – Daystar (Album Review)

  1. Great review, but every song is a 5/5, one of the best albums we’ve had that speaks on black empowerment. His best body of work.

    1. I definitely think that it is his best body-of-work. I think once it settles in a little, you’ll notice that a few songs are better than others.

  2. Amazing album
    Album Rating: 9.5/10
    Favorite tracks: Bittersweet, Friends become strangers, Sorry but I had to, the most high, queen and slim, what’s kulture??, Care for you, in the air, life.
    Least favorite track: Money over fallouts
    I didn’t dislike one track.

  3. very powerful album. favs were friends become strangers, look how god works, just got it done, care for you

  4. Tory, this album is dope, but I definitely believe that you are guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot… I don’t want to call you a liar, but your stories aren’t adding up…

    To the reviewer, do you care to expand on this comment? I enjoyed the review and agreed with majority of it but confused with your conclusion

    1. Thanks for reading.

      I saw the album as a way for Tory to both prove his innocence to the people and to give them good music. While I thought he succeeded in giving us good music, I thought he failed in proving his innocence. I just wanted the world to know where I stood in terms of whether I believe he is guilty of shooting Megan or not.

  5. I think this is a great review but I failed to understand how you came to the conclusion that he is guilty, if the gun residue test that came back from the cops was negative. His story didn’t add up but Megan said she got shot in both feet which isn’t true so her story didn’t add up either.

    I feel like someone who is in your position should be unbiased and neutral until actual evidence points to Tory because you and much others people will be discredited if it came out that Tory was actually being frame and that he is innocent. Innocence until proven guilty.

    Thought that’s how it works? Remember Megan only said he did it, it’s her words against his. Anyways if he actually did it then he deserve everything he is getting but I hope if he is innocent then y’all apologize to him and cancel Megan!

    1. Thanks for reading!

      I definitely appreciate your comment!

      Remember: I said, “I BELIEVE he shot her” (extra emphasis on “I believe”). Since Tory used the album as an opportunity to tell people how innocent he is, I thought it was appropriate to tell him how guilty I THINK he sounds. It’s just my opinion.

      As an experienced writer, I do understand the importance of being unbiased, but when someone practically begs you to believe their side of a story, I gotta tell them how I feel. What I love about this site is that I give you guys my raw opinion; whether right, wrong, bias, unnecessary, stupid, senseless, etc. If this album had nothing to do with Tory’s case, I wouldn’t have said a word about it… I gotta touch on what he said in the album, right? Lol. With that being said, I made sure not to trash him at all (like other music blogs have) for various reasons.

      Once again, I love your opinion! Definitely glad you guys liked the post 🙂.

  6. I rock with Tory Lanez music regardless at least my picks of his best work and I try not to look to much into the personal lives of the artist. This album was dope, never been a big fan of Megan’s music honestly but right is right and wrong is wrong. We won’t know what the outcome of this all will be until it’s all said and done but it’s one of those topics that’s gonna get attention in many different aspects no matter what. Definitely gonna be the talk for a while tho…hope they can settle it in an adult and mature fashion. Their the only ones who know what happened, it surely is a crazy situation.

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