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Listen To “So Icy Gang Vol. 1” By Gucci Mane

So Icy Gang Vol. 1 (ALBUM)

Gucci Mane

If you listened to So Icy Summer, a few folks from this So Icy Gang Vol. 1 project should ring a bell with you.

Earlier in the year, Gucci Mane released So Icy Summer, an album that features a bunch of 1017 members. On So Icy Gang Vol. 1, he lets his crew shine once again.

So Icy Gang Vol. 1 features guest appearances by Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, Tay Keith, Mulatto, K Shiday, Enchanting, Big30, Roboy, Big Scarr, Quentin Miller, Veeze, and Key Glock.

Can ya’ll let me know how this So Icy Gang Vol. 1 album sounds!?

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