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Gucci Mane Presents: So Icy Summer (Album Review)

Gucci Mane and his friends make their mark on the summer by releasing “So Icy Summer.”





Gucci Mane is usually on some peaceful s**t nowadays, but on “Breasto,” his savage side shows its face.

On “Breasto,” Gucci Mane raps about f**king with skeezers, spending money recklessly, and f**king with n***as that would put anyone six feet under. Literally, he sounds like a trap Freddie Krueger on the song.

Foogaino is also featured on “Breasto,” and on his lone verse on the song, he plays Gucci Mane’s right-hand man who treats women and ops like iPhones with cracked screens.

According to Urban Dictionary, a breasto is a burrito that is made out of breasts of old women. Ahh, s**t makes hella sense now!




I grewed up on Gucci Mane (Yes, I said grewed up). To me, he was speaking to the streets like no other rapper was when he dropped music back then. On “Still Remember,” Gucci sounds like he is still happily married to the streets.

“Still Remember” is so trill, I f**ked around and ordered some gold teeth while listening to the song. Not only is it powered by a beat that sounds like it has a few murder charges under its belt, but you also get verses by Gucci Mane and Pooh Shiesty that hustlers, ballers, bando employees, gun-totters, drug-dealers and scumbags can relate to.



Three certified gangstas decided to link up for “Nasty.”

“Nasty” is powered by a beat that I can see Playboi Carti killing. Over it, Young Nudy and Gucci Mane both sound like they are bragging about their violent/flossy ways while playing hopscotch. As for 21 Savage, on the song, he effortlessly/bluntly calls out snitches, his ops, and anyone who doesn’t wear masks when they go to the grocery store.



Even though “Lifers” features a bunch of random rappers, I think the song is fantastic!

So why do I like “Lifers?” For starters, I think it’s dope as hell listening to both Gucci Mane and Key Glock spit serious bars over an action-packed Juicy J-like beat. I also f**k with the way Foogiano and Ola Runt trade animated/violent verses on the song. All in all, I love the energy “Lifers” boasts.




Two of Atlanta’s biggest players, Gucci Mane and Lil Baby, join forces on “Both Sides.”

“Both Sides” is harder than left out McDonald’s french fries. On the song, you get a beat that is trap-riveting, a hook by Lil Baby that is slightly melodic but all-the-way trill, and verses by Baby and Gucci Mane that are as violent, hood-authentic, and raw as it gets. While listening to the song, I thought about purchasing one of those deadly Nerf guns for protection (Don’t sleep, those guns can do some serious damage).


1. STEP OUT (3/5)

2. RAIN SHOWER (2.5/5)

3. BOTH SIDES (4.5/5)

4. NASTY (3.5/5)

5. BREASTO (3.5/5)

6. LEFT ON RED (2/5)

7. WHO IS HIM (3/5)

8. IRAN (3/5)

9. GUCCI LAND (3/5)


11. LIFERS (4/5)

12. STILL REMEMBER (3.5/5)

13. SO ICY (3/5)

14. MAIN SLIME (3/5)

15. MOLLY (BABY MAMA) (2.5/5)

16. TRAPPER (REMIX) (3/5)

17. BALLIN ON A BITCH (2.5/5)

18. 7.62 GOD (3/5)

19. MONDAY TO SUNDAY (3.5/5)

20. ABCGE (3/5)

21. THE PLAN (2.5/5)

22. LESSON (3/5)

23. MAKE A PLAY (2.5/5)

24.  SOICYBOYZ (3/5)




Something I really like about Gucci Mane is that he has always been about empowering the up-and-coming trap rappers of the world. What he would usually do back then was give a few of them a verse or two on his albums. On So Icy Summer, Gucci gives a bunch of up-and-coming trap rappers lead-man/lead-women shine.

I don’t love So Icy Summer… Matter of fact, I hate it. It features a bunch of wacky, stereotypical, poorly written, and boring trap songs. The album also flows horribly and doesn’t feature nearly enough Gucci Mane (The whole second half of the album features little Gucci Mane). I get it, now that Pooh Shiesty and the 1017 City Girls have jobs the unemployment rate will go down, but damn, I didn’t sign up to hear these guys this much on a Gucci album!

9 thoughts on “Gucci Mane Presents: So Icy Summer (Album Review)

  1. Yep, for sure. I tend to still put it on the artist that headlines it. They have a responsibility to not feed us trash like this! It falls back on them LOL!

  2. Trash Album
    Album Rating: NOTGOOD/10

    Favorite tracks: Both Sides, Freakiest in the world, Molly

    Least favorite track: oh please…

  3. Overall a pretty bad album. Had a few bangers on it though.

    Best Songs: Both Sides, Molly, Breasto, Nasty, Freakiest in the World

    Worst Songs: Left on Read, Rain Shower

    Overall Rating: C-

    Even though Gucci Mane was only on half of the album’s songs, I thought that some of the tracks without him were good. Foogiano, Pooh Shiesty, and Big Scarr put up some decent verses and made their songs enjoyable to listen to. But I still wish there was more Gucci on the album.

    1. I think we like similar songs. You do make a very good point: Gucci’s shooters definitely put up solid performances on this album.

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