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Rich The Kid & YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Nobody Safe (Album Review)

Rich The Kid & YoungBoy Never Broke Again merge their unique styles on “Nobody Safe.”






NBA YoungBoy and Rich The Kid talk about some of their boss moves in “So Sorry.”

As immature as NBA YoungBoy and Rich The Kid come across at times, at the end of the day, they are young bosses that deserve our respect. With that being said, on “So Sorry,” the two rappers do a great job of sounding like humble spenders, motivated hustlers, smart decision-makers, and great investors.

I f**k with the passionate hook that NBA YoungBoy puts up on “So Sorry.” I also f**k with the boisterous energy that both YoungBoy and Rich The Kid rap with on their respective verses.




Rich The Kid and NBA YoungBoy talk about living lavishly on “Automatic.”

Believe it or not, you get a version of NBA YoungBoy that is tamed, nonviolent, melodic, and trustworthy on “Automatic.” Unfortunately, you get the same ole Rich The Kid, a dude that sounds like a clumsy boss that likes to spoil chicks and brag about his luxurious s**t, on the song.

“Automatic” is a song that has grown on me quite a bit.



3. SEX

If you can ignore the fact that NBA YoungBoy and Rich The Kid say the word ‘sex’ 100 times on “Sex,” you will think the song is fantastic!

“Sex” features a trap beat that was probably made by a mad scientist. The song also features some of the most reckless, savage, and disrespectful lyrics that I’ve ever heard in my life (Both NBA YoungBoy and Rich The Kid talk about doing some pretty freaky things to our lovely women). If you have a daughter, after you hear “Sex,” you are going to want to install a GPS on her.

Who would’ve guessed that a song called “Sex” would be one of the hardest on this album…




NBA YoungBoy, Rich The Kid, and Lil Wayne literally sound like demented killers on “Body Bag.”

If you are trying to find unique ways to murder something, listen to “Body Bag.” Throughout the song, NBA YoungBoy and Lil Wayne hit us with some of the most violent, heinous, confrontational, and scary lyrics I’ve ever heard. While the former sounds like he’s in the middle of having one of the most epic temper tantrums known to man, the latter sounds like a dude that thinks gunplay is fun.




“Sorry Momma” is one of NBA YoungBoy, Rich The Kid, and Rod Wave’s best songs.

The hook that NBA YoungBoy gifts us with on “Sorry Momma” is flawless. I also think that the verses that YoungBoy, Rich The Kid, and Rod Wave bless us with on the song are way too deep, way too personal, and way too hood-emotional to ignore.

I guess YoungBoy, Rich The Kid, and Rod Wave DO have feelings…


1. NOBODY SAFE (3/5)

2. NO FLASH (3/5)

3. YOU BAD (3/5)

4. BANKROLL (3/5)

5. AUTOMATIC (4/5)

6. SO SORRY (4/5)

7. SEX (4/5)

8. DOORS UP (4/5)

9. WOKE UP (3/5)

10. RINGS ON (3/5)

11. TOOK A RISK (3/5)

12. BODY BAG (3/5)

13. SORRY MOMMA (4/5)

14. BROWN HAIR (4/5)





On this Nobody Safe project, Rich The Kid and NBA Youngboy’s chemistry is on point! Neither rapper steps on the others’ toes, each rapper lets the other do what they do best, and the two rappers sound like they are on the same page content-wise. With that being said, Nobody Safe is a slightly above average album. While NBA Youngboy does put up a few performances that are explosive, slightly infectious, and very dynamic on the album (YoungBoy turns s**t up when he links up with folks), unfortunately, Rich The Kid’s wacky-sounding verses spoil things. Whatever the case may be, I think Nobody Safe has enough bangers to keep your attention.

Honestly, the best thing about this Nobody Safe album might be the beats. A good chunk of them had me doing the stank face.

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  1. She wanna sexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsex

    One of the worst tracks I’ve ever heard but man does it make me laugh lol.

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