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Calhuis Doesn’t Hold Back On The Very Tenacious “XO”



Calhuis goes the traditional R&B route for “XO.”

Calhuis is a very mysterious musical duo. Even though they have your average social media accounts, they give very little information about themselves on them. With that being said, on “XO,” Calhuis leave no stone unturned when it comes to their romantic lives.

“XO” is one of the edgiest love songs that I’ve heard in a while. Not only was I taken aback by the line, “I really wanna hold you tight and baby we gon f*ck tonight,” but I also feel like the vocal performances Calhuis gifts us with on the song are forceful as hell! On a lighter note, the beat’s RnB lo-fi vibe is definitely something that caught my attention. I also enjoy the song’s melodies and, strangely, the song’s generic lyrics about love.

Listen to “XO” by Calhuis below!



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