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YoursTru Bigga & G-Babii Da Prince$$ Let Loose On “Supa Thick”


YoursTru Bigga & G-Babii Da Prince$$


“Supa Thick” is the ultimate strip club song.

YoursTru Bigga doesn’t only have a dope-ass nickname, he also has a bunch of club hits on his resume. His latest, “Supa Thick,” will be turning clubs upside down for the next couple of months.

“Supa Thick” is powered by the ever-so-popular Triggerman (Or Triggaman) beat, a hook that is hella catchy, and lyrics that will get asses to shake and bosses to spend tons of money.

You’re going to love the impeccable flows, the boatloads of confidence, and the energy that both YoursTru Bigga and G-Babii Da Prince$$ rap with on “Supa Thick.” They literally sound like they invented strip clubs on the song.

Give “Supa Thick” a shot and a half below!

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