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Awlyver & Rude Nala Go Mano A Mano On “Known Better”


Awlyver & Rude Nala

There’s nothing like listening to two competitive individuals from the opposite sex talk their s**t to each other!

There are a lot of talented musicians in the game today, but I can argue with you that there aren’t many that are as talented as Awlyver. Not only does he have a fantastic voice, but he also has a good ear for music. On “Known Better,” Awlyver’s latest single, he goes toe to toe with Rude Nala, a singer/lady that is on his level.

“Known Better” is all about finding a way to exert your dominance in a relationship. While Awlyver and Rude Nala talk about slightly different things in the song, they do both come across as trill and sly, romantic and brash, and competitive and boastful. They also both hit us with melodies that are beyond appealing and vocal performances that are fantastic.

Listen to the very impressive “Known Better” below!

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